NeuraMatrix is a limited liability company that was founded in 2019, aiming to develop implantable neural interface for frontier neuroscience research and future applications.








With our goal of shaping the future of brain-machine communication, we need the best people. NeuraMatrix is an equal opportunity employer offering competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits.

If you are top talent, please contact us: hr@neuramatrix.net.

NeuraMatrix leads expertise in miniaturization of low power electronics, device development, data analytics and software development for frontier research as well as for potential clinical applications. We create active implantable systems interfacing the human body and the man-made device. It will generate a new method for human beings to enter and to communicate with the digital world. The final result would be the enhancement of memory and cognitive powers by effectively merging humans and Artificial Intelligence. In the near future, it’s going to enable humans to upload and download information directly from a computer, just like how Neo from the Matrix did in order to learn new skills and acquire new information.















NeuraMatrix develops cutting-edge Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) technology to build a platform enabling information exchange between the brain and computer. It enables precise invasive reading and modifying of electrical signals passing along nerves. It provides the one-stop service from tiny implantable device, to hardware server, software, various electrodes and data analysis service. It will change the face of brain sciences, medical science and consumer applications.

Email: contact@neuramatrix.net